Title: Will I find my medications in Italy?
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Author: Daniele Pintaudi Updated: Jan 30, 2019 Views: 4,225
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Will I find my medications in Italy?

Pharmacy info and Guidelines

P{harmacies are easy to find on all of our vacations.

In Italy pharmacists are not just people that fill prescriptions. In many cases, they are regarded almost like doctors. As such, if you are sick, they can often make recommendations and offer you a medication you may otherwise need a doctor's prescription for back home.

Should you have a more serious need, we can also get you in to see a doctor.

Available Medications

Just about anything you have back home is available in Italy, but brand names change. If you lose a medication on your trip or run out, we can generally research it on the Internet in a matter of minutes and find out what it is called in Italy.

Cost of Medications

Occasionally, people will ask us if they can buy meds in Italy to save money on costs back home. In comparison to the United States, some medications are more expensive in Italy, and some are far less expensive. Either way, please check the legalities of purchasing medications overseas before you consider this.

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