Title: Will people speak English ?
Category: What to Expect During Your Visit
Author: Daniele Pintaudi Updated: Jan 30, 2019 Views: 4,444
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Will people speak English ?

English speaking people you will encounter

All of our key staff speaks English, and whatever we are doing, there will be someone with you that speaks English and Italian. However, we stay away from the very touristy places more often than not, and in these areas, the locals will usually not speak any English.

For example, we could take you to a winery where everyone speaks English, but you should be aware that places like that are little more than tourist traps. If a winery makes sure all of its staff speaks English, that may be a sign that it is a trap. Instead, we visit small locals places where the owners are also the winemakers, and they mostly service the locals.

The Communication Challenge is Half The Fun

It's true... You will be able to communicate, and it is a huge part of the experience. You will always have us there just in case, so you won't have any real problems... just the fun of connecting with the culture in a very real way.

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