Title: Will the price change before I pay the balance?
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Author: Daniele Pintaudi Updated: Jan 30, 2019 Views: 5,723
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Will the price change before I pay the balance?

No. We lock in our prices when you pay your deposit. Read for more details.

If you are paying in US Dollars

Not once you have paid a deposit. While we do adjust our pricing from time to time in order to compensate for currency fluctuations, the moment you pay a deposit with us, your price is locked in. When you see the balance due, that will be it. If we raise our prices at a later date, it will not affect your balance in any way.

If you are paying in a currency other than US Dollars

For our guests from countries other than the United States, it is important to understand that all of our pricing is in US Dollars, including the balance. Once you have paid your deposit, the price in US Dollars will not change, but the currency exchange between your currency and US Dollars will. Because of this, when we finally charge your balance, our bank and your credit card company will convert the balance in US Dollars to your currency. This may work against you, or in your favor. There is no way for anyone to know in advance.

That said, if you would like to pay the full balance early in order to lock in the price at whatever your currency exchange is at a specific time, we are always happy to accommodate. Also keep in mind that the published exchange rate will always differ from what our bank and your credit card company convert the charge to.

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