Title: Wine Tasting & Tours at Small, Family-Run Wineries in Bologna
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Wine Tasting & Tours at Small, Family-Run Wineries in Bologna

Our winery visits are not simple tours and tastings. They are about the people behind the wine. We get to know the wine makers and what makes them tick.

We seek out some of the most wonderful wineries in Italy for wine tasting. For us, the vineyards we choose are as much about the wines produced as they are about the wine makers themselves.

We tend to avoid the large corporate wineries (unless you choose to do so on a custom tour), instead we choose smaller, family run operations where we have the opportunity to spend time with the owners and wine makers themselves.

We get to know the people, because for us, the people that make the wine are a huge part of the story. After all, you may have a greater appreciation for a certain wine if you have visited the place it is produced, but you will have an infinitely greater appreciation when you can say you have broken bread with the person that is behind the wine.

Our guests will go home having visited the wineries, tasted the wine, and they will have befriended the people behind it. Our guests uncork that bottle with their friends back home and tell stories about Leonardo, and why he chose that particular blend.

We further strike a balance between the big names you probably know already, like Brunello, Vino Nobile, and Marsala, and the amazing unknown wines that most foreigners have never heard of like Sagrantino, Forcone and Pignoletto.

You will go home, having not only had some of Italy's most prestigious wines, but you will bring home new discoveries to share.... new friendships to cherish... Incredible experiences that form lifelong memories.

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