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Browse through the hundreds of reviews and testimonials our guests have left us on various review websites, in letters they have written us, and more. These wonderful words are the result of our core value: Our guests are to been treated as visiting friends and family, not customers.

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"Fabulous Food and Fun"

Olive harvest was an amazing experience. De’ Ricci winery in Montepulciano it’s Enrico and his family Cooking classes with Carla

"Celebrating 10 years with CDV !"

Back in 2009 we wrote in the guest book “We love traveling with this group! We will be coming back again and again!” Little did we know how true that statement would be.

"Three Texas Ladies"

1. Very friendly company, answered all our questions 2. Rocky, Robyn, Carla and the rest of the CDV family outstanding

"Second trip with Culture Discovery"

If you want to experience the best of Italy then you must choose CDV. Only by getting to know the Italian people can you truly appreciate this amazing country.

"Third time with CD,guess they have got it right!"

From the moment that we met Spartaco and Ivan we knew it was going to be great. The BBQ on the Thursday evening summed up a great week, we were outnumbered 3 to 1,but it felt as if we a big family😉

"High Expectations Exceeded!"

Having read all of Culture Discovery's marketing materials, and after speaking with Rocky, I had high expectations for our CDV visit to Chianti. Those expectations were far exceeded!!! Well done CDV!