Photos - Cooking in Paradise on the Amalfi Coast

Following is a collection of random photos from this itinerary. To see more full-size photos, visit our photo galleries.

One of the most romantic spots in Italy, the island of Capri boasts scenic views all over. Breaking out in song and dance at the Villa Eremo in Amalfi on during pizza night! We take a lot of photos during all our vacation weeks! All of which are available on our Facebook for you. Smiling and waving from beautiful Positano on the Amalfi Coast. We love to make our guests feel right at home from the get-go as they get their aprons and cookbooks before class starts It really is spectacular to see the "Old Vines" in the hills above Amalfi that date back centuries, still grow We make fresh mozzarella by hand with Biaggio at the villa in Amalfi. Mozzarella is a famous cheese from Naples. Our guests and hosts become lifelong friends quickly on the Amalfi Coast. Drinking a cold beer off the coast of Capri Island, Italy in one of the many grottos that dot the coastline. Relaxing by the infinity pool at the Villa Eremo on the Amalfi Coast. Positano is so romantic and beautiful, it makes for a stunning wedding destination and dream vacation This arch is part of the Faraglione. The three rock islands off the coast of Capri, Italy that make for stunning photos. Our Guests taking in the history and beauty of the 9th century cathedral in Amalfi. We make a local fresh pasta that needs to be dried before using it in our pasta fagiole. A delicious bean and pasta soup Our guests experience to some beautiful scenery while exploring the many grottos around the Island of Capri, Italy There is a small cove that only our small boats can navigate into for our beachside dining on our way back from Positano Making lifelong memories on the private boats on the Amalfi Coast with friends and wine! You can't help but have a great time during our cooking classes at the villa on the Amalfi Coast. Fresh Shrimp at our villa dinner on the Amalfi Coast after a fun day at sea. Relax while cruising the Mediterranean Sea on the way to Capri Island, Italy Festivals for Saints are common during the Italian summers and can be found in just about any city. Debbie and Robert are longtime guests and friends. They are cooking out on the patio of the villa on the Amalfi Coast. Another one of our favorite alumni guests, Sue is making her personal version of Pizza Napoletana in Amalfi. About to head into the Blue Grotto off the coast of Capri Island. It's a wonder of the world. Villa Rufalo is a magnificent home in Ravello, Italy. Its origins are from the 1200's as it was home to nobility. Our friend, Carlo, teaches us his "secret" method to make the best limoncello during our Limoncello class. There are often these breathtaking sunrise views from our villa in the hills above the towns of Amalfi and Atrani. Serving homemade Italian food on the Amalfi coast with a gorgeous view. Guests enjoying the scenic views from the Villa in Amalfi during a break from cooking outdoors. We make authentic Napoletana pizza at our pizza night class. Drinking a cold beer in the warm outdoors with a stunning view of the Amalfi Coast. A gorgeous sunset in Paradise. Near the town of Positano, friends share a lifelong memory. Our chef instructor, Peppe, is also a fantastic musician. He and his brother, Antonio, serenade us at Villa Eremo. A great group shot of our guests having fun above the piazza in the town of Atrani on the Amalfi Coast, Italy. It's not all serious during our cooking classes on the Amalfi Coast- It's fun, fun, fun! Ravello, Italy was the playground of the wealthy nobility of Italy from centuries ago as can be seen at Villa Rufalo. Our guests inside the Blue Grotto on the Island of Capri - Just off the coast of Naples and Sorrento, Italy Tintore grapes from a vineyard in the hills of Tramonti, where we visit the vineyard and cantina for a tasting and lunch Anthony is always a gracious host and offers a helpful and refreshing beverage. You can see the spectacular view. Our guests have a unique dining experience on our way back from Positano. Amazing, fresh seafood and other delicacies. Our fun-loving host, Claudia has a great time with our guests. She especially loves to share her love of Amalfi! Fresh pizza, made from scratch - Authentic Napoletana-style. Baked fresh in a wood-fired oven at the villa in Amalfi.