Photos - Cooking in Paradise on the Amalfi Coast

Following is a collection of random photos from this itinerary. To see more full-size photos, visit our photo galleries.

We have such great crew down in Amalfi- You will love them all, and they will love you back! At one time, paper was made from cloth. We visit this antique water-driven, paper hammer-mill that still is in use! Our guests have an amazing experience shopping at a local street markets for fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Claudia setting up the villa for our cooking class starting on Sunday morning in Amalfi. We make authentic Napoletana pizza at our pizza night class. We use only fresh ingredients and everything is done from scratch before baking them in the villas wood-burning oven. Serving homemade Italian food on the Amalfi coast with a gorgeous view. Mozzarella made fresh at our cooking class on the Amalfi Coast. We use it for our fresh pizza up at the villa! Guests are enjoying a limoncello spritz while relaxing at the Villa Eremo after making some pasta from scratch. Taking a private boat around the Amalfi Coast, Italy. Stopping for scenic views and delicious food. Make your own fresh, traditional Neapolitan pizza in the wood-burning oven on our Amalfi Vacation Weeks! Cooking Vacation on Amalfi Coast includes a lot of local recipes to prepare and always a stunning view Our guests have a unique dining experience on our way back from Positano. Amazing, fresh seafood and other delicacies. Cocce is a specialty pasta made in this area of the Amalfi Coast. We use it for our Pasta Fagiole. Let loose and have some fun on the private boats on the Amalfi Coast. When we return to the villa, we are treated to an Italian-Style Tapas meal - All home-made and locally-sourced. Ravello is a gorgeous town on the hill high above the Amalfi Coast. Our group visits the historic Villa Rufalo here. We make fresh mozzarella on the Amalfi Coast. Wine is flowing and there's plenty of food for all on the Amalfi Coast. Our private boats take us for a sunset prosecco toast off the coast of Positano Debbie and Robert are longtime guests and friends. They are cooking out on the patio of the villa on the Amalfi Coast. Our guests are treated to a warm welcome reception at the Villa Eremo in Amalfi. There's never a shortage of gorgeous scenery overlooking the town of Atrani and out into the hills of the Coast We dance, we sing, we have a great time! All the time! It's about fun, family, friends and food. Our guests inside the Blue Grotto on the Island of Capri - Just off the coast of Naples and Sorrento, Italy So much fun going by private boats to the seaside town of Positano, Italy. A cute town with great shopping, cafes, bars. The Blue Grotto is an amazing phenomenon on Capri Island where the sunlight shines through a cave in a grotto. Cooking with fresh local ingredients and making traditional recipes on the Amalfi Coast. Our pizza party nights on the Amalfi Coast are so much fun. We learn to make Authentic Pizza Napoletana from scratch. Drinking a cold beer in the warm outdoors with a stunning view of the Amalfi Coast. Guest taking advantage of some down time at Villa Eremo in Amalfi and enjoying the infinity pool overlooking the sea. Much different than Blue Grotto of Capri, the Emerald Grotto in Amalfi is a wonderful experience all on its own. We take time on our boating excursions for a little plunge in the Mediterranean to cool off and refresh! It's not all serious during our cooking classes on the Amalfi Coast- It's fun, fun, fun! A spread of homemade Italian food waiting for our guests after a fun day of exploring Amalfi. Our villa has an amazing infinity pool. great for fun and relaxation during some down time in Amalfi. Cooking and baking local favorite dishes throughout Italy. Making lifelong memories on the private boats on the Amalfi Coast with friends and wine! Fresh Watermelon ready to be enjoyed with a gorgeous view of Amalfi Our guests taking funny pictures and having the time of their lives on the Amalfi Coast during the cooking class! Beautiful spread of an appetizer before we go to dinner. Food is a huge part of Italian culture. Relax while cruising the Mediterranean Sea on the way to Capri Island, Italy