Photos - Cooking in Paradise on the Amalfi Coast

Following is a collection of random photos from this itinerary. To see more full-size photos, visit our photo galleries.

We have a sunset prosecco party off the coast of Positano, Italy! Come join us! Hands on cooking experience making mozzarella cheese on the Amalfi coast in Italy Weekly Market is a very common tradition in just about every town in Italy. Shopping for clothes, bags, food, and goods The excavations and ruins of Pompei, Italy are an incredible example and insight at daily life during Roman times. Once in a lifetime experiences drinking and boating around Amalfi with friends. Taste local wines of the Amalfi coast and learn how the wine is made in Italy. Our private boats take us for a sunset prosecco toast off the coast of Positano We learn to make mozzarella cheese from a premier cheese-maker from Ravello, Italy - Just up the hill from Amalfi! We use only fresh ingredients and everything is done from scratch before baking them in the villas wood-burning oven. Aperol Spritz - Prosecco, Aperol and soda water... An Italian Classic- so refreshing and delicious! We take time on our boating excursions for a little plunge in the Mediterranean to cool off and refresh! When we return to the villa, we are treated to an Italian-Style Tapas meal - All home-made and locally-sourced. Our private boats to Capri Island in Italy provide a scenic backdrop for fun photos and a relaxing time. Guests amazed at the Stalactites inside the Emerald Grotto. This cavern reflects green light in the underground cave. We dance, we sing, we have a great time! All the time! It's about fun, family, friends and food. We make hand-made pizza dough for our Traditional Napolitano Pizza and party in Amalfi, Italy Welcome dinner together in Minori, Italy. Drinking wine, eating pasta, and laughing. One of the most incredible archeological sites in all the world, we have a personal guided visit through the ruins. Our friend has a little beach hut bar in Minori where you can grab a refreshment! One of our cooking classes on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Using fresh Ingredients and local recipes. We take a day trip from Amalfi to visit Pompeii and spend the whole day out exploring and learning. Cocce is a specialty pasta made in this area of the Amalfi Coast. We use it for our Pasta Fagiole. A little entertainment at the villa. Our guests love when Peppe and Anthony play classic Italian songs in Amalfi. Italy is famous for weekly farmer's markets so you are getting produce fresh from the farm. There's never a shortage of gorgeous scenery overlooking the town of Atrani and out into the hills of the Coast Mozzarella made fresh at our cooking class on the Amalfi Coast. We use it for our fresh pizza up at the villa! Positano is so romantic and beautiful, it makes for a stunning wedding destination and dream vacation Relaxing and taking in the scenic views on the private boat ride to Positano on the Amalfi Coast. Villa Rufalo is a magnificent home in Ravello, Italy. Its origins are from the 1200's as it was home to nobility. Peppe is our pizzaiolo who teaches us how to make authentic Pizza Napoletana!! Smiling and waving from beautiful Positano on the Amalfi Coast. Our guests and hosts become lifelong friends quickly on the Amalfi Coast. Taking a rest at a local bar and smoking a cigar on a nice busy day on the Amalfi Coast. This arch is part of the Faraglione. The three rock islands off the coast of Capri, Italy that make for stunning photos. There is no shortage of great food and local wines on any of our tours in Italy. At one time, paper was made from cloth. We visit this antique water-driven, paper hammer-mill that still is in use! It's not all serious during our cooking classes on the Amalfi Coast- It's fun, fun, fun! Relaxing by the infinity pool at the Villa Eremo on the Amalfi Coast. Making lifelong memories on the private boats on the Amalfi Coast with friends and wine! Breaking out in song and dance at the Villa Eremo in Amalfi on during pizza night! Spaghetti - An Italian tradition gets a local spin with an Amalfi Coast version of this popular dish Once in a lifetime experiences on a private boat on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.