Photos - Cooking in Paradise on the Amalfi Coast

Following is a collection of random photos from this itinerary. To see more full-size photos, visit our photo galleries.

Cooking with fresh local ingredients and making traditional recipes on the Amalfi Coast. Our guests make authentic Napoletana Pizza on our Amalfi Coast Vacation Weeks! Guests learning about how Limoncello is made during our Limoncello class in Amalfi, Italy. Taste local wines of the Amalfi coast and learn how the wine is made in Italy. We love to make our guests feel right at home from the get-go as they get their aprons and cookbooks before class starts Positano is so romantic and beautiful, it makes for a stunning wedding destination and dream vacation We take our guests on private boats to Capri Island, Italy. Stopping for lunch and scenic views. We have fun during our classes. We sing, we dance, we jump in the pool, and we play together! 
Villa Rufalo in Ravello, Italy is a great place to wander the gardens, exhibits or just take in the views. Pasta Fagiole or Pasta Fazul as they call it locally! We make it fresh from scratch here in Amalfi, Italy. One of the most incredible archeological sites in all the world, we have a personal guided visit through the ruins. Our villa has an amazing infinity pool. great for fun and relaxation during some down time in Amalfi. Serving homemade Italian food on the Amalfi coast with a gorgeous view. Aperol Spritz - Prosecco, Aperol and soda water... An Italian Classic- so refreshing and delicious! Some of our guests get very excited about their bucket-list vacation destinations - Including Positano - Amalfi Coast. At one time, paper was made from cloth. We visit this antique water-driven, paper hammer-mill that still is in use! This spectacular view can be seen from the top of Capri. Guests can take a chairlift from town to the top of the hill. Weekly Market is a very common tradition in just about every town in Italy. Shopping for clothes, bags, food, and goods Make your own fresh, traditional Neapolitan pizza in the wood-burning oven on our Amalfi Vacation Weeks! Pasta is very important in all Italian cuisine. We teach our guests how to make a lot of different types of local pasta. Cooking Vacation on Amalfi Coast includes a lot of local recipes to prepare and always a stunning view We have such great crew down in Amalfi- You will love them all, and they will love you back! You can't help but have a great time during our cooking classes at the villa on the Amalfi Coast. At the beginning of each one of our vacations, we always have a very special welcome dinner for our guests. This wonderful couple celebrated their wedding anniversary with us in Amalfi! Auguri! Our guests smiling and learning about the wines of the Amalfi Coast. Beautiful spread of an appetizer before we go to dinner. Food is a huge part of Italian culture. We prepare a local street-food buffet for our guests at the Villa Eremo on the Amalfi Coast. Another one of our favorite alumni guests, Sue is making her personal version of Pizza Napoletana in Amalfi. Mozzarella made fresh at our cooking class on the Amalfi Coast. We use it for our fresh pizza up at the villa! Everyone lets loose and has a great time. Wine flows freely and the food is plentiful in Amalfi. You can see for miles and miles of coastline from high above in the historic hilltop town of Ravello, Italy. 
Our pizza party nights on the Amalfi Coast are so much fun. We learn to make Authentic Pizza Napoletana from scratch. Everyone is always happy and ready to learn to cook some great Italian recipes at our cooking classes here in Amalfi. Breaking out in song and dance at the Villa Eremo in Amalfi on during pizza night! Festivals for Saints are common during the Italian summers and can be found in just about any city. Our guests have an amazing experience shopping at a local street markets for fresh, locally sourced ingredients. We take a day trip from Amalfi to visit Pompeii and spend the whole day out exploring and learning. Much different than Blue Grotto of Capri, the Emerald Grotto in Amalfi is a wonderful experience all on its own. We make hand-made pizza dough for our Traditional Napolitano Pizza and party in Amalfi, Italy Life is a party on the Amalfi Coast. Up at the villa we have the whole place to ourselves. Our guests taking funny pictures and having the time of their lives on the Amalfi Coast during the cooking class!