Photos - Cooking in Paradise on the Amalfi Coast

Following is a collection of random photos from this itinerary. To see more full-size photos, visit our photo galleries.

You can't help but have a great time during our cooking classes at the villa on the Amalfi Coast. Welcome dinner together in Minori, Italy. Drinking wine, eating pasta, and laughing. Happy hour at Villa Eremo in Amalfi for our guests. A little relaxing down time before dinner. Guests smiling and having a good time during a hands on cooking classes on the Amalfi coast Our guests inside the Blue Grotto on the Island of Capri - Just off the coast of Naples and Sorrento, Italy Enjoying a drink on the private boats on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Weekly Market is a very common tradition in just about every town in Italy. Shopping for clothes, bags, food, and goods Relaxing and taking in the scenic views on the private boat ride to Positano on the Amalfi Coast. Guests having fun and laughing at dinner at our villa on the Amalfi Coast. Our chef instructor, Peppe, is also a fantastic musician. He and his brother, Antonio, serenade us at Villa Eremo. We learn to make mozzarella cheese from a premier cheese-maker from Ravello, Italy - Just up the hill from Amalfi! Positano is so romantic and beautiful, it makes for a stunning wedding destination and dream vacation Wine is flowing and there's plenty of food for all on the Amalfi Coast. Having some fun during our cooking class on the Amalfi Coast, Italy. Our guests drink, relax, and have fun cooking! Once in a lifetime experiences on a private boat on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. A lovely Welcome Party awaits you when you arrive at the Villa Eremo during our Amalfi Vacation Week. We prepare a local street-food buffet for our guests at the Villa Eremo on the Amalfi Coast. Our guests and hosts become lifelong friends quickly on the Amalfi Coast. Minori, a great little town on the Amalfi coast has friendly people, great restaurants, bars, cafes and beaches! There are some spectacular views and great photo ops while overlooking the gorgeous town of Positano on the Amalfi Coast Our guests have an amazing experience shopping at a local street markets for fresh, locally sourced ingredients. One of the most incredible archeological sites in all the world, we have a personal guided visit through the ruins. The world famous Blue Grotto is one of our stops on our boats when we tour Capri Island, Italy - Truly remarkable! There is a small cove that only our small boats can navigate into for our beachside dining on our way back from Positano We take a lot of photos during all our vacation weeks! All of which are available on our Facebook for you. Live like a local and experience the coastal life-style in Amalfi, Italy. We make authentic Napoletana pizza at our pizza night class. Guests become friends and family quickly on our vacations. We make fresh mozzarella by hand with Biaggio at the villa in Amalfi. Mozzarella is a famous cheese from Naples. Relaxing by the infinity pool at the Villa Eremo on the Amalfi Coast. Taste local wines of the Amalfi coast and learn how the wine is made in Italy. Beautiful spread of an appetizer before we go to dinner. Food is a huge part of Italian culture. At one time, paper was made from cloth. We visit this antique water-driven, paper hammer-mill that still is in use! Party at the villa with Peppe playing traditional music for us We take a day trip from Amalfi to visit Pompeii and spend the whole day out exploring and learning. The town of Atrani offers spectacular sunrises and dramatic skies in this seaside town full of cafes, bars and trattoria Lara and Claudia serve up some delicious Italian food they cooked at the Amalfi Villa. Once in a lifetime experiences drinking and boating around Amalfi with friends. Positano, one of the crown jewels of the Amalfi Coast - We visit Positano by private boats. A gorgeous sunset in Paradise. Near the town of Positano, friends share a lifelong memory. About to head into the Blue Grotto off the coast of Capri Island. It's a wonder of the world. Cocce is a specialty pasta made in this area of the Amalfi Coast. We use it for our Pasta Fagiole.