Title: Diving for Sea Urchins in the Mediterranean Sea
Category: Cultural Experiences on Our Sicily Island Vacations
Author: Daniele Pintaudi Updated: Jan 30, 2019 Views: 4,966
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Diving for Sea Urchins in the Mediterranean Sea

The Sicilian answer to a BBQ, enjoyed by the locals for centuries.

Every culture of the world has its own traditional picnic or get-together activities. In the US, it might be considered the backyard BBQ, but in Coastal Sicily, it is all about Sea Urchins. Sicilians from Palermo to Marsala regularly get together at the beach, and go diving for urchins. They gather on the shore and crack them open, eating them right there with bread and water.

As odd as this may seem to some, this is as Sicilian as Sushi is Japanese. So we go for it one day during our time in Italy. We'll head down to the cliffs of our private peninsula, and those who wish to come along will get their snorkel gear on and head out with our host. He'll be getting the urchins for us as we are out there, and we'll gather together on the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean sea as we take in this traditional Sicilian activity.

For those that are up for it, we'll have the urchins with locally baked bread and wine. Of course, we understand that not everyone gets excited at the prospect of eating sea urchins, so we'll have pizza and other snacks there as well :-)

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