Cultural Experiences on Our Sicily Island Vacations

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Have you ever been night fishing with local Sicilian fishermen and sold the catch at the local market?

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We explore the pre-historic cave drawings in Levanso, Sicily. These hieroglyphics date back over 10,000 years!

Experience Prehistoric Cave Paintings on a Remote Sicilian Island

On one of the tiny little islands off the Sicilian coast exists a cave. To reach the cave, we will take a boat to this little island, then climb in a jeep that will take us to the top.

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Ivan shows the group how to make proper bruschetta on our cooking and adventure on the islands of Sicily

Hands-On Cooking Classes in Sicily

Dive deep into the traditions of Italy as we have a wonderful time cooking local and regional dishes together.

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Cooking classes teach how to make traditional Italian dishes like this Sicilian pasta on our cookery vacations.

Truly Authentic Food Experiences in Sicily

Finding truly authentic food while traveling is often more difficult than you think... and when you are getting "tourist food", you often don't even realize it.

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When available and in season, some guests are lucky enough to enjoy sea urchin caught fresh off the coast in Favignana.

Diving for Sea Urchins in the Mediterranean Sea

The Sicilian answer to a BBQ, enjoyed by the locals for centuries.

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Such great friends in Favignana that we make pizza and fresh ricotta cheese with in their private country home.

A Complete Experience of Italian Family in Sicily

The most important thing we do is fold you into the family feeling of Italian culture. You will come wondering what to expect, but our guests leave feeling a part of something much bigger.

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Such great friends in Favignana that we make pizza and fresh ricotta cheese with in their private country home.

Dining in the homes of local families in Sicily

We are all about family and the idea that our guests should integrate as much as possible into local culture, so there is something we do that really hits this home.

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Sometimes the fish are biting early, so we head out with the crew and set the lines for our fishing trip in Favignana.

A Night of Fishing with a Local Sicilian Fisherman

A middle-of-the-night fishing trip with a local that does this for a living, then we will help him sell our catch at the port side fish market

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Paola harvesting salt in Trapani, Sicily on our cooking and wine adventure vacation in Italy.

Harvest Salt at Salt Flats

The most popular attraction of Trapani is the salt flats. The sea salt harvested here is one of the Sicilian economy's historical resources, dating back to the Phoenicians, who were the first to bring some form of technology to its production.

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We have lots of fresh made pizza going in the wood-burning oven at the country villa with family and friends.

Experience a Working Italian Farm in Sicily

Meet the people that live off the land in this beautiful country and learn first hand what their lives are like.

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Our guests get to help make the ricotta and pecorino cheese by stirring the pot of fresh milk that will become cheese&#x

Making Fresh Ricotta Cheese From Scratch in Sicily

We'll get back to basics as we not only make fresh ricotta cheese with a local Shepard, but use it in our cooking

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