Title: Favignana, Sicily
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Favignana, Sicily

Paradise in Sicily

Our home base in Sicily. Favignana is the largest of three islands in the Aegadian archipelago off the coast of Trapani and Marsala in Sicily...

This island is little known by travelers outside of Italy, but ask any Italian and you will get a sigh... a dream of being there. This is to Italians what the Caribbean is to Americans. Their personal paradise. While the foreign tourists are crowding places like the Amalfi Coast, Favignana is seen as an ultimate getaway for Italians looking for relief from the cities.

Originally, Favignana was used mostly as a quarry, supplying the rocks used to build the cities and towns of western Sicily. Later, it became the hub of Italy's Tuna industry, producing what is known to be the best tuna in the world. In fact, the tuna industry in Monterey California, as well as the Alaska King Crab industry have their roots here.

The tuna cannery has since closed but makes for a fantastic day trip to visit.

All of that said, Favignana is known for two things: Water and Water. The beaches and rocky cliffs are magnificent. The water is crystal clear, and it serves to attract boaters, divers, snorkelers, and beachgoers from all over Italy.

Favignana still has that small town Sicily feel of a time gone by, which is why we chose it as our home base for our itineraries in Sicily.

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