Destinations We Visit on Our Sicily Island Vacations

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A list of some of the destinations we visit on our Sicily Island vacations. Please note that on some itineraries we visit different places, and what you see in this section may or may not be part of your itinerary. You should consult the itinerary for the vacation you are interested in to see where we will be going. Click here to see vacations based out of our Sicily Island location.

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We take our guests on private boats to see the incredible grottos and crystal blue waters in Marettimo, Sicily.

Marettimo, Sicily

Magnificent Grottoes

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Our fishing boat appears to be floating on air, but is really in the crystal clear waters of Favignana, Sicily

Levanzo Sicily

See 12,000 year old cave paintings

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Historic tuna cannery in Favignana harbor where the Florio family ran one of the largest fishing operations in Italy.

Favignana, Sicily

Paradise in Sicily

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During the salt harvest season in Trapani, Sicily - The workers build these salt mounds completely by hand.

Trapani Sicily

Visit the beautiful Trapani Salt Flats

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Erice offers some of the most stunning views on the western side of Mainland Sicily.


Erice, one the best medieval hamlets of Italy

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We explore the pre-historic cave drawings in Levanso, Sicily. These hieroglyphics date back over 10,000 years!

Experience Prehistoric Cave Paintings on a Levanzo

Travel back 12,000 years in time as we hike to a remote cave on a tiny island to the early civilization

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