Title: Harvest Olives & Make Umbrian Olive Oil
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Harvest Olives & Make Umbrian Olive Oil

An exclusive experience each November, during which we harvest olives and make our own olive oil

When November rolls around, there is a chill in the air and a chance for rain, but every year those that are willing to deal with a little cold weather get a huge reward: The Olive Harvest.

Like clockwork, it always begins on November 1st and runs through the month. The prize for those that are with us during this period is both amazing and truly exclusive.

Thousands of people come to Italy for the Olive Harvest. They come because this is the time for "Olio Nuovo" (New Oil), which is liquid gold, with flavor words simply cannot describe. Most of them come and simply get the new oil.

Fewer come to visit one of Italy's main olive oil mills. And a very select few come to actually participate in the olive harvest, getting the chance to experience the picking of olives that will become the oil they take home.

But OUR guests take it an extra step, and this is a truly exclusive experience. On one morning of our time together, we will make our way to an olive grove in Umbria -- Umbria is known for the best olive oil. We'll spend the morning harvesting olives together. Once we have harvested a certain amount, we will take our baskets to our bus and head to the olive mill.

The mill we go to is owned by close friends of ours and is one of Italy's few remaining "Traditional Cold Press" olive mills.

We will bring our olives inside and weigh them. We'll then dump all of our olives into the mill, where we will watch the huge stone wheels crush them.

Finally, each of us will take a turn actually operating the mill as we layer the crushed olives onto discs that will be brought to the press.

Finally, while OUR olives are being pressed, we will have lunch with the family and do a wine tasting, as this mill is also a winery.

After lunch, one by one, we will each take a one-liter can and fill it with the olive oil we just made, directly from the press.

This experience is something that cannot be properly described. It is truly a life experience you will never forget. All of our guests leave this day with a natural high, unlike anything they have ever experienced.

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