Title: Do any of the homes have clothes dryers?
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Do any of the homes have clothes dryers?

About Washers and Dryers in Italy

To the surprise of many people, you will not find clothes dryers in Italy. Well, to be honest, you will occasionally find them in the rarest of circumstances. We have one at Villa Eddarella where our cooking classes take place. To give you an idea of how rare they are, whenever our Italian friends visit us at the villa for the first time, we make a point to show them the dryers. It always draws ooohs and ahhhs.

Since they are so rare, none of our village homes have them.

There are several reasons they are so rare in Italy:

  • Space: Most Italian homes are much smaller than many of us are accustomed to. In fact, their washing machines are surprisingly small as well. As such, they never caught on in part for this reason.
  • Cost: Electricity in Italy is extremely expensive. As much as ten times what you may be accustomed to. Clothes dryers consume a tremendous amount of electricity, so they provide for a massive spike in electric bills.
  • Customs: Italians are VERY particular about their clothing. Everything should have the right fresh scent, and be perfectly ironed. That which a clothes dryer produces is something many Italians don't like.

That said, there is a laundry service in town with reasonable rates, and we are always happy to assist you in taking care of it.

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