Expectations & Planning for Our Soriano Vacations

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Each of our vacations is very different. Some are more upscale, some are closer to mass tourism, some are pure adventure, and some are way off the beaten path. Because of this, it is very important that guests read the expectations and planning for the vacation they will be on with us. This will help you not only prepare, but get an idea what the feel will be when you are with us.

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Is there daily housekeeping service in Soriano?

Housekeeping Service Details on our Soriano Vacations

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Room Service

Is there room service in Soriano?

Room Service Questions for our Soriano Vacations

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The Colosseum in Rome is one of the most iconic attractions in Italy, an image of art, history, and power.

I will be staying in Rome the night before our Soriano vacation starts. How do I meet the airport shuttle?

How to get to our airport pickup or train station pickup if you are already in Italy

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Laundry is available on our locations

Do any of the homes have clothes dryers?

About Washers and Dryers in Italy

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Why have I never heard of Soriano?

About the village of Soriano nel Cimino, and why many tourists have never heard of it.

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We have air conditioning in every room.

Do the homes in Soriano have air conditioning?

Yes. All of our primary homes have air conditioning.

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What kind of nightlife is there in Soriano?

Details about nighttime activities in and around Soriano

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What other tourists will I find in Soriano?

Soriano is not packed with other tourists. This article explains what you can expect to find.

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Soriano Nel Cimino - Our Charming Hamlet in the Hills

Is Soriano in Tuscany or Umbria?

Soriano is at the border between Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio

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Will I be staying near shops, cafes, etc on my Soriano vacation?

What you will find near your accommodations in Soriano

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Sunset on the beach on our cooking vacation in Italy

Is Soriano close to the beach?

Soriano is about 45 minutes from the beach. Read on for more...

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Are my Soriano accommodations in the same place as the cooking classes?

Where our cooking classes are in relation to the accommodations

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The CDV bus driving in comfort around the gorgeous mountains in Norcia, Italy.

How much time is spent on a bus?

A general idea of how much time you can expect to be on our bus

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What does a typical day look like on a Soriano cooking holiday?

A typical day on one of our Soriano cooking vacations

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What do people find themselves spending in a week on items they want to bring home?

Get a basic idea of what you might expect to spend on gifts to bring home and other general expenses you may have while with us.

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We have internet in every room on our cooking vacations in Italy.

Internet Access in Soriano

Opportunities for Internet access you will have while on our Soriano cooking vacations

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Soriano Nel Cimino - Our Charming Hamlet in the Hills

Can I stay longer in Soriano after the cooking holiday?

Information about extending your trip to Soriano after your vacation has ended.

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Calendar for Vacation

What is the best time of year to visit Soriano?

What it will be like at different times of year.

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Is Soriano safe?

Soriano is a very safe town. Read more for details.

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Digital Safe

Are the village homes equipped with safes or should we carry our valuables with us at all times?

About keeping valuables safe while in Soriano

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We have hair dryers in every room on our cooking vacations in Italy

Do I need to bring a hair dryer?

All of our accommodations include hair dryers, but there is more to know.

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Drive around Italy in extreme comfort in our CDV bus.

What Transportation is offered for arrivals & departures for Soriano Vacations?

Details on our airport and train station transfers in Soriano

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Laundry is available on our locations

Is there laundry service in Soriano?

How to do your laundry when you are with us in Soriano

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What will the accommodations be like on the Soriano vacations?

Oh, we think you will like them. But read on for details!

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