Title: Internet Access in Soriano
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Internet Access in Soriano

Opportunities for Internet access you will have while on our Soriano cooking vacations

Most of the homes our guests stay in have WIFI Internet, and it is always free. 

In Your Village Home

Most of our village homes have free WIFI internet. In some cases, they are DSL connections, but in others, they are WIFI over 3G connections, similar to what you experience with your cell phone. The speeds are typically slow, but functional for email. Please look at your confirmation email, which will show a description of the home you are in and the type of Internet connection it has.

At Villa Eddarella: 

The villa where all of our cooking classes happen has WIFI Internet access.  If you bring a laptop, iPad, or other devices, you are always welcome to connect while you are at the villa.

The Internet connection here is broadband DSL, but not the speeds you may be accustomed to. Higher speeds are unfortunately not available to us in the countryside. It will, however, be fast enough for general web browsing, facebook, and Skype.

Consider that for our 8-day vacations, you will spend roughly a half-day here for four days during the week, so this is generally more than sufficient for most.

In Town:

There are a couple of places within walking distance of where you will be staying that offer Internet access at higher speeds than you will be able to get in our homes, or at the villa. The maximum speed you will get is about 6 MBS.

Have a Back-Up Plan!

In Italy (especially in smaller villages), Internet access is neither as fast nor as stable as you may be used to. While we do everything we can to make sure it is available for you, when there is a problem, it can often take weeks to get a tech out to address it. This is just the nature of Italy, and there is nothing we can do about it. At some point in every season, we WILL lose Internet access. If access is a matter of urgency for you, we strongly urge you to bring a laptop or smartphone with 3G/4G cellular capabilities and activate an international data plan with your provider.

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