Title: Is Soriano close to the beach?
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Is Soriano close to the beach?

Soriano is about 45 minutes from the beach. Read on for more...

Soriano is about 40 minutes from the closest beach, which is Tarquinia. Tarquinia is also the site of the most historically important Etruscan necropolis.

We don't visit the beach on our cooking vacations in Soriano because, to be honest, Central Italy (Tuscany & Lazio) is not home to any of Italy's better beaches. When most people think of beautiful beaches in Italy, they are thinking of The Amalfi Coast, Sicily, or Sardegna. These are all far out of our area. Many also think of Cinque Terre, which isn't great for beaches but offers a beautiful coastline. Again, this is too far for a day trip.

Tuscany, Umbria, and Lazio are the areas that are within day trip distance for Soriano. The beauty of these areas is mostly inland. It is all about the beautiful rolling hills and rugged mountains with hill towns peppered throughout.

If you are seeking a cooking vacation that also includes beach time, please have a look at our cooking vacations in Sicily and The Amalfi Coast.

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