Title: Is there daily housekeeping service in Soriano?
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Is there daily housekeeping service in Soriano?

Housekeeping Service Details on our Soriano Vacations

All of our accommodations in Soriano are private medieval or Renaissance village homes. You will be living in your own private residence that is part of the village. It is an actual home, not a 'room'. This is not a hotel. As such, we treat them more like vacation rentals than a hotel.


On the day you arrive, your home will have been thoroughly cleaned. You will, of course, have fresh linens and fresh towels. We will have provided you with an ample supply of coffee, some beverages, something to eat, flowers, and other goodies. You are home for the week.


On Wednesday while you are out on an excursion, we will change your towels and linens. If you do not wish for us to enter, simply let us know. If you have chosen to opt out of the excursion this day, we will arrange a convenient time with you.

We will never enter your home otherwise without notifying you, and will only do so if required for maintenance or some other request by you.

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