Title: Is the food like Italian food back home?
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Author: Daniele Pintaudi Updated: Jan 30, 2019 Views: 14,386
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Is the food like Italian food back home?

Not really,

Not really. Most of what foreigners think of as Italian food is actually the product of years of Italian immigrants overseas making the best they could with limited ingredients.

From there, the dishes were often changed to suit the tastes outside of Italy. In addition to that, Italian food outside of Italy developed into a mix of various Italian cuisines... so much that it is very dissimilar to what you will actually get in Italy... for the most part.

But know this: Those Italians that left Italy, settled for the food they made away from home! The real thing is far better.

You won't find Alfredo sauce or Italian salad dressing. You won't find 'dipping oil', and 'garlic bread' is a poor substitution for the real thing in Italy. You will discover that Bruschetta is actually a general term for a range of toasted bread & toppings as vast as you can imagine... not just toasted Italian bread with chopped tomatoes and onions!

The list goes on forever, and you will be extremely happy! That is a promise.

Restaurants like The Olive Garden and Macaroni Grill don't have so much as a single authentic dish on their menus. We do not cater to Americanization of Italian food or culture in any way. You will only get the real thing, and almost always farm-to-table.

The day you arrive, we will start to de-program your concept of Italian food. The only negative of this is that you will be very spoiled, and eating at Italian restaurants back home will never be the same.

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