Food and Wine in Italy

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Some information about the food and wine you will (and will not find) in Italy

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Coffee Beverages in Italy

Don't expect to find Starbucks coffees in Italy, but you will find much better!

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Truly living under the Tuscan sun, enjoying a glass of famous Chianti classico red wine in a Tuscan vineyard

Bringing home alcohol from Italy

This article describes restrictions on bringing home alcohol from Italy to most English speaking countries.

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A food tour in Florence and Tuscany cannot miss a stop at a local pastry shop to taste some Tuscan dessert

What restrictions are there on bringing home food?

This article describes restrictions most English Speaking countries will have on bringing food home from Italy.

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Cooking class of handmade pasta in Umbria, making ravioli with ricotta from scratch

Is the food like Italian food back home?

Not really,

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