Title: What kind of nightlife is there in Soriano?
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What kind of nightlife is there in Soriano?

Details about nighttime activities in and around Soriano

The answer to this question depends entirely on when you will be here. In the summer months you will find tons of free entertainment in the town's main square. In the summer, there is regular entertainment in Piazza. Other than that, there is almost always a festival or event in the area.

Additionally, about 20 minutes form Soriano there is a very popular nightclub (for dancing) called Cigni, which attracts many Romans.

Soriano has quite a few bars (cafes) and gelato shops, some of which are very popular places late into the night, especially on weekends and summer evenings. Many of our guests enjoy later nights at a local pub in town that stays open very late.

Basically, the closer you are to July and August, the more choices you will have for nightlife.

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