Title: I will be staying in Rome the night before our Soriano vacation starts. How do I meet the airport shuttle?
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I will be staying in Rome the night before our Soriano vacation starts. How do I meet the airport shuttle?

How to get to our airport pickup or train station pickup if you are already in Italy

You may have noticed that we have two shuttles for our Saturday pickups.  People often staying in Rome before their time with us assume that it is easiest to opt for the airport pickup. It is not.

Getting from Downtown Rome to the Airport, Then to Soriano

To get from downtown Rome to the airport, you will either need to take a taxi from your Rome Hotel to the airport (TAKING roughly 30 to 45 minutes), or you will need to get to the Rome Termini train station, and take a train to the airport, which is a 30 minute train ride, plus the time to get there, transfer to the train, etc.

Once you are at the airport, you would walk about 600 feet (200 meters) from the train station to the customs exit, which is our meeting point and wait. While we plan on leaving on schedule, we will generally leave later, as we wait for everyone to get out of customs.

From there, we will walk to the bus, then drive to our final destination (Soriano), which will take anywhere from 1 hour and 15 minutes to an hour and a half. During our drive, we will backtrack to just outside of downtown Rome before proceeding north toward Soriano. We are usually in Soriano by around 12:00 to 12:30 PM.

Doing this, you will have spent at least 2 hours traveling plus lots of waiting, much of which is backtracking since the airport is to the south of the city and we are to the north.

Taking Advantage of the Orte Pickup Instead

If you opt for the Orte pickup instead, you will take it easy in the morning. In the early afternoon, you will simply go to the Rome Termini train station and get on a train to Orte. They run VERY frequently. The trip is only 35 minutes on most trains, and it is usually direct. The cost is far cheaper than going back to the airport at only about 10 Euros per person.

When you get to Orte, we will meet you right there in the terminal, and the bus or van is just a few feet outside the door. From there, it is only 15 minutes to Soriano. Do keep in mind, however, that there is no elevator at the Orte station, so you will need to walk down 24 steps to go under the tracks toward the terminal, then up 24 steps once again.

Doing this, you will have spent about 45 to 50 minutes traveling with much less time waiting around. Additionally, it is a more direct route from Rome, and you will have gained roughly four more hours of the day, during which you can enjoy yourself in Rome.

Some people want to get to Soriano as early as possible

We understand that, and if that is your desire, the airport pickup will get you to Soriano and in your home about three and a half hours earlier than the train station pick-up. However, do keep in mind that we won't get started until around 5:30 or 6:00 PM. People flying in that day usually need some time to rest up, but if you are already in Italy, you probably won't. So you will have about 6 hours of downtime if you take the airport pickup, and for four of those hours, all the shops will be closed. You can certainly use that time to take it easy or take a walk in town, but most people prefer the extra time in Rome.

In other words, if you take the airport pickup, you will be rushing early in the morning, only to do lots of waiting at an airport, followed by lots of downtime in the afternoon. If you take the train station pick up, you take it easy in the morning and get to Soriano, get into your home, and we start shortly thereafter.

The Choice is Always Yours

Some people question why we so strongly urge our guests to take the Orte Train Station option if possible. Please understand that it makes no difference to us which option you choose. We will do both pickups regardless of your choice, so neither is any easier for us. However, many of our guests don't realize how much easier the Orte option is for them, so we want to make sure you are fully aware of the differences. The bottom line is that we want to make sure your entire trip is as pleasant as can be!

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