Title: Are my Soriano accommodations in the same place as the cooking classes?
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Are my Soriano accommodations in the same place as the cooking classes?

Where our cooking classes are in relation to the accommodations

All of the accommodations in Soriano are in private medieval and Renaissance village homes in town, near the main piazza. You will have your own private place with all facilities. Each morning we will meet in the town piazza for breakfast, then our minibus will take us either on an excursion or to our cooking class.

The cooking classes are held at our private 18th-century villa in the rolling hills about 2 miles (3km) outside of town. The villa is a beautiful 3 story structure, surrounded by olive groves, hazelnuts, and a 270-degree view of the amazing rolling hills of the Tiber Valley, Umbria, and the mountains of Southern Tuscany.

The top two floors are our private residence. Yes, this is actually the home of the Culture Dicovery Vacations' founders that we are inviting you into. The ground floor is where our teaching kitchen is. In all, the ground floor is approx. 1,400 square feet, which is made up by a breathtaking 700 sq. ft.kitchen, a dining area, and a restroom.

Just outside the kitchen, you will find our magnificent "Cabana Toscana", a 700 square foot patio overlooking the rolling hills. Off to the side is our outdoor kitchen and brick oven restructured from an original 500-year-old oven! Here we eat all of our meals when weather permits, make ricotta cheese and make Pizza for our Friday night pizza classes.

Under the Cabana Toscana, guests will fall in love with our cellar, where we store our wine, age our cheese and make our own grappa!

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