Title: Can I stay longer in Soriano after the cooking holiday?
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Can I stay longer in Soriano after the cooking holiday?

Information about extending your trip to Soriano after your vacation has ended.

Staying in the same home you were in during your cooking vacation

Some of our guests have asked if they can stay an extra few days after our time together is over. While we can sometimes accommodate this, it is usually unlikely. Our weeks run back to back most of the season, so chances are the day our vacation together ends, we have someone else checking into your home that morning.

In the unlikely event that your home is not going to be occupied by guests the following week, we will be more than happy to allow you to stay in there as a vacation rental following our cooking vacation. However, we cannot release the home for this purpose until we close out bookings for that week. There are three events that will cause us to close out the week to new bookings and release the home if you would like it. They are:

  • If 90 days before the date, we don't have a scheduled cooking vacation on our calendar, we will release the home if you would like it.
  • If we do have a sold-out cooking vacation that week, but that home is not occupied, we will release the home to you once the week has sold out.
  • If we have not sold out the week, but we do have a scheduled cooking vacation during the week, we will close it to new bookings 14 days before the start date. At that time, if the home is available, we will happily release it to you.
  • If we are able to release the home to you, the rental price for the home will be US$150 per night.
  • We will provide extra cleaning on the day you would otherwise check out, (including new linens, towels, etc.

Staying in other accommodations after the cooking vacation is over

If your home is not available on the day our time is over, you may be able to stay in one of several hotels and B&Bs in Soriano. If you would like to move into one of those after our cooking vacation is over, we will be happy to help you arrange it.


Please understand that you will be on your own with regard to excursions, transportation, etc. at that point. We strongly advise you to get a rental car. If you would like to extend your time with us for excursions, cooking classes, etc. we will happily arrange that. Please see the article in this section on that subject for detailed information.

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