Title: What Transportation is offered for arrivals & departures for Soriano Vacations?
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What Transportation is offered for arrivals & departures for Soriano Vacations?

Details on our airport and train station transfers in Soriano

For our 8-day cooking vacations based out of Soriano nel Cimino, transportation to and from the following locations as part of the all-inclusive price of your vacation:

  • Rome FCO airport
  • Orte Train Station (35 minutes north of Rome)

The Orte station is extremely well-connected. There are very frequent trains from downtown Rome that will get you there in about 35 minutes. There are also trains from Venice, Naples, Florence, Milan, The Rome Airport, and many other points of origin.

Transfer Times:

Please consult the itinerary of your specific vacation to see the airport and train station transfer times, as they can vary based on the itinerary and time of year you will travel.  If you cannot make it for the transfer times, you will be responsible for getting to Soriano nel Cimino at your own cost, but we can help you make arrangements for a private transfer.

If You Are Already in Rome

While we are close to Rome, we are unfortunately unable to offer pickup service in the city. That said, it is very easy to simply go to the Rome Termini station (Rome's Central Station) and get a train to Orte. It is a frequent-running commuter train that takes about 35 minutes. You will find this much more convenient to take advantage of our afternoon pickup in Orte than it is to go back to the airport for the morning pick-up.


If you would like to sleep in and depart at a later time, we can generally arrange it so long as we know in advance. Transportation, in this case, will be at your own expense. We will need to have access to your home no later than 9:30 AM for cleaning. If you make this choice, you will be on your own for transportation as we are limited to one vehicle for transfers, and our staff is spread thin on Saturdays with cleaning the homes, checking people in, and helping people with their departures.

Taxi and Car Rentals

There is no taxi service from Soriano, nor are there any car rental agencies. There is, however, regularly scheduled bus service to the Orte Train station from which you can get to just about any other destination in Italy.

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