Destinations We Visit on Our Amalfi Coast Vacations

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A list of some of the destinations we visit on our Amalfi Coast vacations. Please note that on some itineraries we visit different places, and what you see in this section may or may not be part of your itinerary. You should consult the itinerary for the vacation you are interested in to see where we will be going. Click here to see vacations based out of our Amalfi Coast location.

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There is a small cove that only our small boats can navigate into for our beachside dining on our way back from Positano

Conca di Marini

A tiny village where we have our Beach BBQ on our Amalfi weeks.

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Taste local wines of the Amalfi coast and learn how the wine is made in Italy.


The home of Amalfi Coast Wines

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The town of Atrani offers spectacular sunrises and dramatic skies in this seaside town full of cafes, bars and trattoria


A tiny little village, just next to Amalfi

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Minori, a great little town on the Amalfi coast has friendly people, great restaurants, bars, cafes and beaches!


One of the smaller and less touristy villages in the central Amalfi Coast

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Besides the gorgeous views, Ravello boasts an annual arts festival. Many events take place at historic Villa Rufalo.


One of the best known towns along the Amalfi Coast, Ravello sits high up on the mountain overlooking the coastline.

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Gorgeous photo from above the town of Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast, Italy. Our villa offers stunning coastal views.


The namesake town of the Amalfi Coast

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The excavations and ruins of Pompei, Italy are an incredible example and insight at daily life during Roman times.


The ruins of Pompeii

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This spectacular view can be seen from the top of Capri. Guests can take a chairlift from town to the top of the hill.


The iconic island of Capri, home of the Blue Grotto

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There are some spectacular views and great photo ops while overlooking the gorgeous town of Positano on the Amalfi Coast


The most celebrated town along the Amalfi Coastline

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