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"Everything they say and so much more!"

Reviews of this tour might sound fake or too much, but honestly I still can't believe how perfect my week in Norcia, Italy was with Culture Discovery.

"Second Time"

Didn't think Sicily could compare to Soriano but I was wrong. Each unique in their own way

"Becoming Julia"

If laughter burned calories, I would have left Norcia a whole lot thinner.

"Most outstanding week"

We have made fantastic new friends & have experiences we will talk about for the rest of our lives.

"What a great time"

We saw things the average tourist will not see and Ian was a great guide. He was informative, funny and very personable

"Week of olive oil pressing!!"

Made the most amazing meals, met the most fabulous people/friends, and toured the most beautiful country in the world!!

"Solo Travelers welcome!!"

CDV offers cultural experiences that last a lifetime, and traveling alone is no excuse for missing out!