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Nido del Pellegrino

For the first six nights of this vacation, we will be staying at the Nido del Pellegrino on our own private peninsula of Favignana Island, off the west coast of Sicily.

The "Nido del Pellegrino" (Pellican's Nest), was once an Italian WWII Military Base, and the old gun turrets are still visible on our peninsula. It went through a complete restoration process in 2010 converting the buildings into luxury mini-apartments.

It boasts breathtaking 180 degree views of the Mediterranean sea. As we walk around the property, there are beautiful trails that take us along the cliffs, and lead down to our private beach on one side, and private dock on the other.


All of the mini apartments have an independent entrance, private bathrooms, kitchens, refrigerators, etc. They are all air conditioned and heated. They have television in each home with satellite service, allowing you English Language programming. Furthermore, free WIFI Internet access is available throughout.

The Final Night

Island weather and sea conditions can be unpredictable, so it is important not to stay on Mainland Sicily for our final night due to the risk that the morning hydrofoils may not run in case of bad sea conditions on our departure morning. In order to insure against potential transfer problems, we will be staying in the outskirts of Marsala for our final night at "either the Baglio Donna Franca Resort or the Marsala". These are both Four Star hotels, situated in beautiful Marsala Vineyards and Olive Orchards. You can see photos and information about Baglio Donna Franca by clicking here.

Click here to visit their website.

Name Nido del Pellegrino
Details Hotel Rooms
Description We assign the rooms to our guests as they reserve based on a needs and desires model. That is, we assign the best rooms to the first people to book, while also taking into consideration their needs. For example, if a couple is the first to book, they will get the best room with the nicest balcony, but we will hold off on rooms with more than one bed for reservations with friends traveling together that need separate beds.
Housekeeping Mid-Week