Photos - Cooking & Adventure on the Islands of Sicily

Following is a collection of random photos from this itinerary. To see more full-size photos, visit our photo galleries.

The historic Florio Tuna Cannery in Favignana harbor is truly fascinating to see how the locals lived off the sea! We explore the pre-historic cave drawings in Levanso, Sicily. These hieroglyphics date back over 10,000 years! Michele is one of our fisherman friends. He's the real deal, along with Rosario, these two show us some great times Pulling in to the harbor in Marettimo, Sicily, we are greeted by a fleet of sleek, private fishing boats. Our guests have an amazing experience learning to cook authentic Sicilian and other Italian recipes. A local Sicilian Shepherd on the Island of Favignana, Sicily on our cooking and wine vacations. Sophie made the hike up the salt mountain in Marsala, Sicily We have fresh sausages and tomatoes along with the amazing Sicilian bread during a lunch in Favignana. The founders of Culture Discovery Vacations, Michael and Paola enjoying some time on the boat with guests in Favignana. Not all Italian cooking happens indoors. In Sicily, a lot of great cooking happens outside on the grill. Our boat captains, Michele and Rosario are such gracious hosts - even to the fresh catch! Just part of Favignana f Fruit and other aperitivi with our salt-tasting at the saline in Trapani, Sicily. One of the highlights of the vacation& The Blue Grotto of Capri has nothing on the amazing grottoes of Marettimo, Sicily. Truly amazing and spectacular. We pay homage to our dear friend Pino who was a diamond in the rough. So many great memories and stories. We miss you&am Our fishing boat appears to be floating on air, but is really in the crystal clear waters of Favignana, Sicily One of our boat captain, Michele's, wonderful and delicious fresh-catch sauté on the boat in Favignana, Sici Sometimes the fish are biting early, so we head out with the crew and set the lines for our fishing trip in Favignana. During some down time, some of our guests hike the trail up to the Castle of Santa Caterina to get some amazing views Gina made fast friends with this little guy - but then we fried him up and ate him with our amazing lunch on the boat&#x Melissa and her mother Nancy, have been on many Culture Discovery Vacations. Throughout most of Italy. See you soon During the salt harvest season in Trapani, Sicily - The workers build these salt mounds completely by hand. Love birds cooling off while getting hot in the crystal blue waters on one of our Favignana vacations Enjoy some down time and soak in the sun at one of the many fantastic beaches of Favignana, Sicily. Guests show off their haul of salt after a morning harvest in Trapani, Sicily. Guests having fun waiting for our private boats to take us around Favignana, Sicily on our cooking vacations. Actually, they really did the leg-work and harvested the fiore di sale that you see in the photo. We take the salt home. Our Italian Cooking Classes are always fun and informative. The recipes are fantastic and the meals are delicious! After our fantastic morning out at sea, we bring our fresh catch to the market to sell to the locals. All in good fun&#x An incredible Culture Discovery exclusive experience where guests get to squeeze honeycombs and harvest their own honey& Historic tuna cannery in Favignana harbor where the Florio family ran one of the largest fishing operations in Italy. While out on our early morning fishing excursion, we see the most spectacular sunrises in Favignana, Sicily. Our guests are treated to some local seafood delicacies, seaside near the hotel. Truly an immersive experience! We explore coves and grottos on our Favignana, Sicily cooking and wine Vacations in Italy. At Macelleria Campo in Valderice, we have an amazing time making fresh sausages and having a fantastic lunch there! Along with other delicious fruits, we enjoy our relaxing boat rides around the Isola di Favignana, Sicily One of our alumni guests, Maita knows how to relax and have a great time while in the sun on the boat around Favignana. Maita thinks she made a great catch while out on our fishing boats in Favignana. Sadly, she had to return it to the sea One of our favorite things on any of our vacations is when we harvest the fiore di sale in Trapani, Sicily Two great friends, Scippio and Rosario love to have a great time and love our guests that come visit us in Favignana Our guests have an incredible time learning to cook authentic Sicilian dishes, like Arancini.
Homemade, Sicilia Arancini - Rice balls are a staple of Sicilian cuisine. We learn how to make them fresh on our cooking and wine tours Our guests get to help make the ricotta and pecorino cheese by stirring the pot of fresh milk that will become cheese&#x