Photos - Cooking & Adventure on the Islands of Sicily

Following is a collection of random photos from this itinerary. To see more full-size photos, visit our photo galleries.

The Blue Grotto of Capri has nothing on the amazing grottoes of Marettimo, Sicily. Truly amazing and spectacular. Michele is one of our fisherman friends. He's the real deal, along with Rosario, these two show us some great times A group the day after night fishing, taking in the breathtaking crystal water of Favignana, Sicily Our guests have the vacation of a lifetime getting to the beach or out for a hike in Favignana, Sicily. It's beauti Erice offers some of the most stunning views on the western side of Mainland Sicily. Micheal and Gibarosso in this great photo from Gibarosso's country home in Favignana, Sicily. He was an original. Our fishing boat appears to be floating on air, but is really in the crystal clear waters of Favignana, Sicily We take this boat out on excursions around the island of Favignana. We fish and visit coves and bays and eat great food& Fun with sausages. Hot off the grill, Melissa shows off her new sausage "do" right before her wonderful lunch Our guests often take the trail up to the Castle of Santa Caterina when they have some time off. Taking it easy and relaxing on the boat on the Amalfi Coast. When available and in season, some guests are lucky enough to enjoy sea urchin caught fresh off the coast in Favignana. We make these popular and delicious Sicilian Almond Cookies fresh from scratch during our Favignana cooking classes! Making fresh cannoli from scratch on our Sicily cooking vacation classes in Italy During the salt harvest season in Trapani, Sicily - The workers build these salt mounds completely by hand. Two great friends, Scippio and Rosario love to have a great time and love our guests that come visit us in Favignana Gina made fast friends with this little guy - but then we fried him up and ate him with our amazing lunch on the boat&#x An incredible Culture Discovery exclusive experience where guests get to squeeze honeycombs and harvest their own honey& Dinner is served as we are treated like royalty on a private boat in the Favignana Harbor. A delicious Sicilian meal Melissa and her mother Nancy, have been on many Culture Discovery Vacations. Throughout most of Italy. See you soon Cara loves fresh-from-scratch almond cookies so much that we had to trade some wine for her to share them with us! On all our Italian cooking vacations we make fresh pasta in one form or another. Pastas are typically regional recipes. We love relaxing at the beach! Favignana-style on our cooking and adventure on the islands of Sicily vacation Guests learning about how Limoncello is made during our Limoncello class in Amalfi, Italy. Our guests are treated to some local seafood delicacies, seaside near the hotel. Truly an immersive experience! These boats in Marettimo, Sicily appear to be floating on air - when really it's just the water that is incredibly There's a technic and an art to everything. Mostly just have fun! Getting the fiore di sale from the flats in We explore the pre-historic cave drawings in Levanso, Sicily. These hieroglyphics date back over 10,000 years! Another Culture Discovery exclusive event where we harvest honey, fresh from the hives and then take home our own jars&a During our boating excursions in Favignana, we relax, get in the water and cool off with some refreshing fun! Another great night at the country villa in Favignana, Sicily where we make cheese, pizza and harvest honey! Our guests have an amazing experience learning to cook authentic Sicilian and other Italian recipes. Guests enjoying some down time and taking in the customary aperitivi or happy hour - Italian style! Our guests having some fun during the salt harvest at the saline in Trapani, Sicily. Arancini - Rice balls are a staple of Sicilian cuisine. We learn how to make them fresh on our cooking and wine tours Our boats take us to the beautiful Cala Rossa bay in Isola di Favignana, Sicily during our cooking and wine vacations. Great photo of our guest appearing to do a lot of heavy lifting. We do harvest salt - but not all of that! One of our alumni guests, Maita knows how to relax and have a great time while in the sun on the boat around Favignana. Our guests get to help make the ricotta and pecorino cheese by stirring the pot of fresh milk that will become cheese&#x Our guests get to harvest salt right from the seawater flats in Trapani, Sicily. Truly a unique experience. Sicilian busiate pasta is an amazing dish. Rich and complex in flavor, yet very accessible recipe to make yourself! During some down time, some of our guests hike the trail up to the Castle of Santa Caterina to get some amazing views