Guest Reviews - Cooking & Adventure on the Islands of Sicily


The week exceeded expectations! Everyone worked as a Team to make our week outstanding. Loved it.

"Best Experience Ever!"

Set aside any skepticism you have about the over-the-top online reviews...they are absolute genuine and accurate!


Absolutely, one of our favorite trips. Well planned and organized. Ivan and Sophie were magnificent hosts!

"3 for 3 with CDV"

Just when you think you could not have a better trip CDV comes through again!

"Fabulous Favignana ♥️"

The spectacular sea, Fishing boat parties, Erice, Cooking classes at Ivan’s beautiful home, Adelina’s Orange Breakfast Cake,

"Unbelievable Trip to Sicily"

We will never forget the experiences with the fishing brothers; pulling fish nets and octopus traps early in the morning and then eating our catch for lunch.


From early morning fishing adventures to lazy afternoons on the beach, from cooking classes to gourmet meals (in some of the most unexpected places!), I would go back tomorrow if I coul

"Solo Travelers don't be afraid. GO!"

If you go, relax. Go with the flow. Try EVERYTHING. I didn’t think I would like sea urchins, but I did. I didn’t think I would like eel, but I LOVED it.

"Second Time"

Didn't think Sicily could compare to Soriano but I was wrong. Each unique in their own way

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