Cultural Experiences on Our Chianti Vacations

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Ever harvested grapes and made Tuscan wine?

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Learning how to make pasta from scratch is one of the best ways to soak of the beautiful and rich Italian culture

Hands-On Cooking Classes in Chianti

Dive deep into the traditions of Italy as we have a wonderful time cooking local and regional dishes together.

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A beautiful antipasto served by our friends on their local farm in the hills of Greve in Chianti, deep in Tuscany!

Truly Authentic Food Experiences in Chianti

Finding truly authentic food while traveling is often more difficult than you think... and when you are getting "tourist food", you often don't even realize it.

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Our guests experience a whole new world of wine tasting on our winery tours in the Chianti region of Tuscany

Wine Tasting & Tours at Small, Family-Run Wineries in Chianti

Our winery visits are not simple tours and tastings. They are about the people behind the wine. We get to know the wine makers and what makes them tick.

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Private lunch at a family owned winery overlooking the beautiful Tuscan landscape.

A Complete Experience of Italian Family in Tuscany

The most important thing we do is fold you into the family feeling of Italian culture. You will come wondering what to expect, but our guests leave feeling a part of something much bigger.

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This is a behind the scenes look into the Tuscan lifestyle. It's an excellent cultural experience.

Experience a Working Italian Farm in Chianti

Meet the people that live off the land in this beautiful country and learn first hand what their lives are like.

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Admiring the offerings at the market of San Lorenzo during our food tour in Florence

Shopping in town markets with the locals in Chianti

Get to know the locals, and a true sense of small town Italian life.

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Wine Harvest in Chianti Tuscany

When it is harvest time, we put on our gloves, grab some clippers, and have an amazing time together harvesting grapes.

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