Hell Of A Good Time!!!

The welcome at the train station put us at ease immediately. Our own little home in Soriano...We were educated and entertained...

Written By: Sheila and Don C
Location: Victoria - BC - CA
Review Source: Guest Book
Type of Traveler: Couple
Itinerary: Soriano - Cities Lost in Time

Full Review

Dear Michael and Paola, 

I can't tell you how much Don and I have enjoyed our week with you and your sta...family. You have all made us feel comfortable, have educated and entertained us superbly! Carla is a saint!! And she is a great teacher. She has created enthusiasm in each of us. We can't believe how hard she works, yet keeps on smiling. Michael, you are true to your word - you have opened your home to 14 strangers and made us friends dropping in to visit family. 

Spartaco is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic. It was fun to go on adventures with him. He is a great dictator, also a benevolent master. :-) Linda is charming, smart and funny. She really has a great wit. We enjoyed her history lessons and would follow her anywhere. 

Rocky has looked after us so well. We just had to mention something once and it was looked after. He is attentive easy going and efficient. I can't believe he speaks Italian so well as I understand he's only been speaking it for a few months. His welcome to us at the train station put us at ease immediately. 

The girls in the kitchen were dynamos keeping us all organized. We couldn't do it without their help and their smiles. 

Sergio! Well his friendly helpful and drives fast (not too fast!). We've felt comfortable with him. 

Don and I have also enjoyed our accommodations. Our own little home in Soriano. 

In short...Hell of a good time!!!

Sheila and Don

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