Portugal and CDV blending seemlessly together

Portugal is a country I never knew I needed to visit. And CDV made it so easy and memorable.

Written By: Jennifer B.
Location: San Francisco - CA - US
Review Source: Website
Type of Traveler: Solo Traveler
Itinerary: Portugal - Viana do Castelo

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It has been 6 years since my 1st trip to Soriano. With every passing year, I peruse the CDV website considering another adventure. But it wasn't until this year that the stars truly aligned. As a solo traveler, I never felt like a solo traveler. From the moment I signed up, they kindly connected me with another solo traveler as a potential roommate. It worked out better than I might have expected. And so I embarked on this adventure already feeling the CDV love.

What can I say-CDV does not disappoint. And what luck to connect with Marta and her team. She is a gem and added immensely to the unique experiences we had during the week. From cooking with Mina and Rita to a tour down the Duoro, dining with locals who graciously invited us into their homes, the immense quantity of food and wine, off-roading in Viana and dining al fresco, the incredible hotel, the final night gathering (a memory I will treasure forever) and the non-stop joy and laughter. This is a trip not to be missed!

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