Wonderful and Unforgettable

Written By: Marion D.
Location: Manahawkin - NJ - US
Review Source: Website
Type of Traveler: Couple
Itinerary: Soriano - Tuscan & Umbrian Sun

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Ciao a tutti!

When I first started researching our trip to Italy in 2021, I had no idea it would end up being one of the most wonderful and memorable experiences of our lives.  Another couple, our dear friends of over 35 years, was able to join us on this adventure.  We were celebrating 40 years of marriage and a significant birthday for Jack.  One of his dream vacations was "to cook in Tuscany". Well, not only did we do that with Katia and Carla and the warm and friendly kitchen team, but we made cheese with Antonio, we ate wonderful food and tasted so many wonderful wines - when someone asks which one was our favorite, we say "all of them".   Of course no feedback of this trip would be complete without mentioning Linda, our host for this Soriano trip.  Miss Congeniality!  She made everyday interesting and fun whether we were cooking, driving around to our special experiences or dancing at the Villa! Sergio, a man of few words, kept us on time and safe on the roads. When Carla dropped us at the train station the day we left, she told us to remember that we were now part of the CDV family, we believe her because that's how we all feel.

We started out a group of 14 strangers, yet we are all still in touch with each other and amazed that the afterglow of our week together continues. 

A million thanks for a wonderful week in the real Italy!   

Jack joins me, love to all


PS:  Tell Marika I finally got the pronunciation of her name right!


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