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Browse through the hundreds of reviews and testimonials our guests have left us on various review websites, in letters they have written us, and more. These wonderful words are the result of our core value: Our guests are to been treated as visiting friends and family, not customers.

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"One week on the Amalfi Coast!"

Sophie Our host family (Claudia, Filamina (sp?), Antonio, Pepe, et al) The villa and incredible view The tours ... Capri! The food! The inviting and charming atmosphere of the Amalfi Coast

"I Love CDV "

cannot put in a few words so you need to read my full review!!

"A Week With INSTANT Family & Friends"

House Staff were some of the most genuine & cordial people we ever met. Tour Leader was fantastic and very knowledgeable! Took the time/effort to adjust our itinerary due to the weather.

"CDV lived up to its name."

The most wonderful experience that exceeded all expectations! We are grateful for the hospitality extended to our family