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Browse through the hundreds of reviews and testimonials our guests have left us on various review websites, in letters they have written us, and more. These wonderful words are the result of our core value: Our guests are to been treated as visiting friends and family, not customers.

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"Felt like family "

Sofia was such a welcoming host And learning to cook with Carla was sooo much fun


Our trip was truly a trip of a life time. Rocky plus Claudia & her family made it a wonderful experience. The villa was perfect. 😍😍😍😍😍

"Magical "

There are some things in life that you will never forget. The food, the wine, the people. The CDV staff and partners make you feel special. Really special! Our plan is to return to Italy annually.


Absolutely, one of our favorite trips. Well planned and organized. Ivan and Sophie were magnificent hosts!

"The most amazing trip of my life!"

Every town, every meal, every breath of a stunning island was magical. Sicily is breathtaking. The food was so amazing and the people were kind. Loved it!

"A Special Trip to Norcia "

We loved our first trip to Norcia because we felt like we had become part of the town by weeks end.

"Best Days Ever!"

We felt as though we were the much-awaited addition to their family!

"Couldn't be better"

We were instantly made to feel more than welcome, and throughout our time there we were completely looked after and became family.

"A magical week!"

You filled the week with adventure, laughter and love