Expectations & Planning for our Chianti Vacations

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Each of our vacations is very different. Some are more upscale, some are closer to mass tourism, some are pure adventure, and some are way off the beaten path. Because of this, it is very important that guests read the expectations and planning for the vacation they will be on with us. This will help you not only prepare, but get an idea what the feel will be when you are with us.

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Room Service

Is there room service in Chianti?

Room Service Questions for our Chianti Vacations

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Drive around Italy in extreme comfort in our CDV bus.

I will be staying in Florence the night before our Chianti vacation starts. How do I meet the airport shuttle?

How to get to our meeting point at the airport if you are already in Italy

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Room Service

Is there daily room cleaning in Chianti?

Yes. Read on for detailed info.

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Our Chianti vacation features some of the best views Tuscany and Italy in general have to offer

What will the accommodations be like on the Chianti vacations?

Our home for the week is the beautiful "Palazzo Leopoldo"

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Drive around Italy in extreme comfort in our CDV bus.

How much time is spent on a bus on our Chianti vacations?

A general idea of how much time you can expect to be on our bus

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Our small group class is getting ready to make a myriad of delicious local Tuscan dishes

Are my Chianti accommodations in the same place as the cooking classes?

Where our cooking classes are in relation to the accommodations

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Admiring the offerings at the market of San Lorenzo during our food tour in Florence

Will I be staying near shops, cafes, etc on my Chianti vacation?

What you will find in walking distance from the hotel in Chianti

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We only choose restaurants popular among the locals for our vacations, and Chianti is no exception.

What does a typical day look like on a cooking vacation in Chianti?

A walkthrough of a typical day on our Chianti Cooking Vacations

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We have internet in every room on our cooking vacations in Italy.

Internet Access in Chianti

What kind of Internet access you will find on our Chianti cooking vacations

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Take your glass of Brunello and enjoy the view of a vineyard in Montalcino. Truly a wonderful way to enjoy Tuscany

What is the best time of year to visit Chianti?

What it will be like at different times of year

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Taking a walk through this Tuscan castle turned winery in the hills of Chianti

What other tourists will I find in Chianti?

You will find very few tourists from all over the world. Read for more info...

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Our Tuscan vacation is so much more than food and wine, it's about making lasting friendships and memories

Is Radda safe?

Answers to safety-related questions on our Chianti vacations

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Sunrise over the hills of Tuscany

Can I stay extra days at our hotel in Chianti?

You can usually book extra days in the same hotel either before or after your vacation week with us.

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Drive around Italy in extreme comfort in our CDV bus.

What Transportation is offered for arrivals & departures on the Chianti vacations?

Details on our airport transfers in Chianti

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Enjoying a wonderful evening of singing and dancing at a Tuscan-style barbeque

What kind of nightlife is there in Radda?

Details about nighttime activities in and around Chianti

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Laundry is available on our locations

Is there laundry service in Chianti?

Laundry service is available to guests in Chianti. Read for more info.

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