Guest Reviews - Wine, Cooking and Castles in Barolo & Roero


Another incredible trip! Never had we experienced such a great time with our family of CDV!!! Rocky is like a brother!!! Our friends Mary and Bruce Jiorle are our CDV companions as well!!!

"Fun in Piemonte"

Amazing cooking classes at the Villa and Marina's home. Walking tour of Torino and perfume making and of course truffle hunting with Martina and her sweet dog Edvige.

"Best Italian Vacationing "

I especially loved Valentina, Alessandro and Erika! Extra special lovely people! People "make the hospitality business!" The reason CDV is so great is becsuse of these 3 people!

"CDV is the BOMB !"

This was my sixth trip with CDV and it didn't disappoint. Obviously. I like their trips :) They are right when they say it is about "family"....I was disappointed not to see my old friends !

"Lovely villa, vistas and vino!"

Villa Cornarea was just lovely and the vistas from the villa deck were spectacular. And the vino....some of the best we've ever tasted!

"Enjoy Barolo - King of Wines"

From the moment you are picked up at the airport until final goodbyes, this group of like-minded folks who love adventure, good food and great wines laugh, sing, cook and tour a specific area of Italy

"Beyond my expectations!"

DO NOT MISS THiS! Whether you are single, a couple, mother and child or siblings, I can't say enough about this company.

"Solo Travelers welcome!!"

CDV offers cultural experiences that last a lifetime, and traveling alone is no excuse for missing out!


The trip was amazing despite my health issues that reared their ugly head. The best part of the trip was the people. From the amazing members of our group to all the hosts at the places we visited

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