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Browse through the hundreds of reviews and testimonials our guests have left us on various review websites, in letters they have written us, and more. These wonderful words are the result of our core value: Our guests are to been treated as visiting friends and family, not customers.

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"Another Perfect CDV Week"

Just had a fabulous week with 10 people we never met before, and who we can’t wait to see again. Our host Valentina was amazing and a great traveling companion. Already miss her.

"Afraid to write a review...."

Because if I say how wonderful and perfect this trip was, I may not be able to reserve my place for my next vacation. This trip with CDV was my dream come true. Loved every minute of it.

"Best Trip Ever!"

Making friends and food in Italy! Truly the best trip ever.

"Best travel experience "

excellent staff, new family, Well taken care of, Clean and great accommodations , Tours met all expectations


I have no reservations about recommending this trip to all of my friends.

"CDV Friends Trip"

The Mansi’s, the extraordinary Views, the gorgeous Villa, the days on boats